Aidan was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a malignant brain tumor, on December 19, 2009 after a very brief illness. He endured multiple surgeries and five rounds of high dose chemotherapy.
Our sweet, very brave boy lost his battle and went to heaven on July 30, 2010. He was 3 years old.
Please follow Aidans journey through the blog entries below.
We will contine to share stories, post pictures and make memories in his honor. Aidan will forever be remembered.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010 6:00pm

Good evening dear friends...

It is a good evening! I have attached a picture of my Aidan. Take a good is a picture of a boy that is slowly beating cancer...
We have learned the MRI results. The cerebellum has shown a moderate decrease in tumor burden. As far as the spinal cord...there was increase in signal intensity around the initial tumor site extending into the cord. Aidan's neurosurgeon said it is not uncommon to see this type of image postoperatively. Or, it is possible that it may be an infection as it is in the location where the 2 previous drains were. Or it is possible that it continues to be evidence of tumor spread. Aidan's oncologist was obviously pleased with the evidence of tumor regression and stated that the next round of chemo will be telling as to the status of the spinal involvement.
Therefore, he will begin round 2 of chemo tomorrow. I would have never guessed that I would be so happy to hear that my son could have chemo.

More good news...we have a new "address". Since I have last updated, we have been moved from ICU back to the neuro unit.

Physically, we are continuing to see good improvement in Aidan.
He is sitting up with assisstance and eating some small meals of pureed baby food. He continues to be mainly fed via NG tube for his nourishment. Communication is still lacking. However, he is starting to be more expressive with little groans and some more emotional crying (which is a very good thing). Today we have even seen a smile and a little giggle!

We thank each of you for your well wishes and ask you to continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as Aidan has a long tough road ahead. We are just so very thankful that he can continue down that step at a time.

As always, I will keep you updated as I am able.

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